Celebrating 14 Years of Making Music Makers!

Our music school offers music classes year round in Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice, Woodwind and Brass Instruments, as well as Violin, Viola, Cello, and Harp for children and adults. Group lessons and private lessons are available.

We are now offering online classes! Contact us by email to get started!

We’ve started to offer online lessons! If you’re interested in taking lessons from us, but can’t leave home or are too far from our area (Crystal Lake, IL), please call or email us to get started with online lessons!

If you’re interested in renting out our space during school hours as a study space, visit our study space page for more information!

At Music Makers for Life the focus is on learning to read and play or sing music for the individual child. The goal is not to create the next Mozart or Beethoven (We don’t expect every child who learns to read and write to become the next Hemingway). We want your little musician to be confident and enjoy the musical experience. Kids love their piano lessons, guitar lessons and voice lessons because we make it fun. As a result, our proven methods have successfully created musicians that not only read and play their music well, but have gone on to professional careers in music. We have hundreds of students that have and still read music, play their chosen instrument, and are now a Music Maker….FOR LIFE!

To sign up for music lessons, please call us at (815) – 444 – 9444 or send an email to Musicmakers4life@gmail.com to fill out a registration form!