About Us

At Music Makers for Life the focus is on learning to read and play or sing music for the individual child. The goal is not to create the next Mozart or Beethoven. (We don’t expect every child who learns to read and write to become the next Hemingway). We want your little musician to be confident and enjoy the musical experience. Kids love their piano lessons, guitar lessons and voice lessons because we make it fun!

As with any skill worth learning, a certain amount of “work” is involved. Most people use the word “practice” when the skill required involves a musical instrument (including the Voice). Those that perceive this “practice” time as being enjoyable learn at a much faster pace than students that perceive it as “work”. It is with this in mind that we keep my lessons as enjoyable as possible, while still maintaining a serious attitude about the music.

When a student plays their lesson assignment with perfection, they receive a music dollar. Twice a year a music party is held which involves playing a piece in front of their peers (thus receiving five more music dollars!), playing informative music games, and purchasing their choice of items. The items range from music socks, music shirts, music pens, music pencils, music tote bags, CD’s, picks, tuners…..well, you get the idea!

Once a year a formal recital is held. All friends and family members are welcome to attend. During the Christmas Season we put on 4 shows that are treated as a group recital.

“There is an abundance of research and so very many articles that are easily accessed on the internet in regard to this subject. The universities have been researching the benefits of music education for many years now. Their findings in the last 20 years can not be ignored. It is our belief, based on research and many years of music teaching, that learning to read music and play an instrument improves reading and math ability, physical coordination and eye functions. It improves on the thought-process, logical thinking skills, and organization and memory skills. If taught correctly it will also bolster self-esteem. In the case of group learning it improves social skills and the ability to achieve a goal as a group through individual efforts. Learning to play an instrument and read music can be achieved at any age and the benefits are enormous.”

Theresa Villec
Music Makers…for Life, Inc.