Fees & Policies

In our music classes, the children enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced. Students progress more rapidly in a stress-free class environment. Students are grouped according to age and ability. Parents are always welcome to visit at any time! MUSIC Piano: Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course written during the past thirty years by Mayron Cole.

This piano method is now marketed nationally and is this country’s leading group piano method! Each level (except EZ Keys and MENEHUNE MUSIC) has approximately 200 pages of original music, recital solos, practice sheets, rhythm exercises, theory fun sheets, music history and favorite classics. In addition we use the Alfred Method book as well as supplemental material full of well known songs to inspire and motivate the students.

Classes start as young as age 4 (KinderKeys) which include singing, dancing, and playing percussive instruments. Children begin reading music with the first week and by the end of the first year are invited to play in our Christmas as well as our year- end recital.

Guitar: A combination of methods and books are used for this class. The cost of the books will be added to the monthly statement.

Each student has the use of an electronic piano. Pianos can play silently while we’re working with an individual, or aloud for group ensemble playing. When preparing for performances, we practice on full-size acoustic pianos. Piano classes are 45-minutes long.

Each student must bring their own guitar. Any style of guitar is fine. We do have amps so that electric guitar students need only bring their guitar and cord. Guitar classes are 45-minutes long.

The Vocal CD Workshop is a unique 8 week group session that teaches vocal technique while perfecting the student’s favorite song. The last few weeks of the session are spent recording the song to produce a CD (complete with the student’s picture CD Case!). Mom and dad have a vocal “snap-shot” of time, while the student gets an invaluable insight into their vocal abilities…a vital ingredient to vocal improvement. Each of the above classes are small (2 – 4 students in each).


Group Piano 45 minutes a week $22.00/week
Group Guitar 45 minutes a week $22.00/week
Group Voice 1Hr 15 minutes/wk $30.00/week (Group Voice Materials Fee: $10.00)
Private Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Brass, Harp, Woods 30 minutes a week $30.00/week
Semi-Private Instrument Lessons (where possible) 45 minutes a week $23.00/week
Semi-Private Voice Lessons (where possible) 45 minutes a week $32.00/week
Private Voice 30 minutes a week $30.00/week
Private Voice 45 minutes a week $40.00/week
Student Teachers 30 Min. Private/ 45 Min. Class Start at $20 – Private/ $15 – Class

ONLY AT MUSIC MAKERS…For Life: All students are locked in to their start price until they stop taking lessons. This means that only incoming and returning students pay any rate increases that may occur.

Pay for 12 lessons (A quarter of a year), get 2 free.

Family Discount is available when at least one student from the family is in a class:
2 family members = 5% discount
3 or more family members = 10% discount

We must be contacted at least the day before the teacher’s arrival. Should the parent/student be running late to make the appointment on time, all effort should be made to contact Music Makers. The teacher is required to wait no longer than 10 minutes past the arranged start time of the lesson.

Tuition is to be paid to Music Makers the month before lessons begin. The teacher is not required to attend a lesson if the student is behind on payment or has not yet paid Music Makers for that lesson.

The required down payment of $40.00 per person is paid when registering. This down payment holds a place for a student in one of the lessons. Therefore, the down payment is non-refundable. It will be applied as credit to the first month’s lesson. Full payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

The tuition can be paid in a number of ways: –
*1 total payment for the entire year (minus 5 lesson payments**) or
monthly payments for the month in advance, due at the end of the month before it.

*Quarterly payment: When 12 lessons are paid for, 2 will be deducted as free lessons.

Monthly payment: Lesson fees are due by the 1st of the month and amount to the month’s total lessons. It is usually easiest to simply pay at the last lesson of the month for the upcoming sessions. You will receive an invoice the 2 weeks before payment is due. This will include any credits due to teacher illness as well a music and materials.

*Automatic monthly payment: The upcoming month can be charged to your card at the time we send out the invoices for the next month, which is around the 8th of the month. We can send you a receipt via email, or leave it at the front desk for you to pick up.

Credits are not given for student illnesses or vacations, but makeup lessons should be arranged within 6 weeks of the absence. No makeup will be given for untimely notification. Timely notification is 24 hours notice. Please keep the invoice for your records. (You may pay by check, cash, money order, Intuit, Paypal, Visa, Discover, and American Express).

When payments are late, we will discontinue any discounts being given. We reserve the right to refuse service when accounts are delinquent.

For classes: Makeup lessons are allowed by attending an separate session. Lessons should be made up within a 6 week period, but the sooner it is made up the better so that the student may keep up with the class. If only one student attends a class for any reason, the student will receive a half-hour private lesson at the same cost of the class price ($8.00 less than the cost of a private lesson).

For Private Lessons: A make-up lesson is offered when the teacher has received 24 hour notice. If the missed lesson is due to a teacher absence, the student has the choice of a makeup or credit. Makeups will not be honored after lessons have ceased or if student is late on payments of any kind.

Lesson times cannot be saved and will likely be filled if a student takes time off for the summer or any amount of time 2 weeks in a row or beyond.

In the event that a class decreases in size to one student, the student is given private lessons (half-hour) at the class price. The student is given the option to make it a permanent half-hour private lesson, at which time they will start to pay the Private Lesson Fee for that instrument for the half-hour; or to continue the half-hour lessons at the lesser ($22) fee until at least one other student attends the class, at which time it will go back to the 45 minute session. If no other students have joined after a period of 6 weeks the student will be given the option to join a different class or go to private lessons and pay the private lesson fee.

Our teachers need to maintain their schedule and it takes time to fill empty slots. At least two weeks’ notice is required if leaving Music Makers. If two weeks’ notice is not given, Music Maker’s will charge for those two weeks.

When a student leaves for a length of time and then re-enters a class, it causes difficulty and extra work for the teacher to get the class on the “same page”, literally. The returning student may be asked to be re-evaluated and/or take some private lessons to catch up to the class. The private lesson fee will be applied if this is necessary (until the student re-enters the class). If the teacher thinks it will not interrupt the flow of the current class and accepts the student without extra lessons, the student will be expected to do extra work. In either case all previous summer discounts and grandfathered privileges will no longer apply.

We will be closed the following days:

January 1, 2020: New Year’s Day

February 14, 2020: Valentine’s Day

February 17, 2020: President’s Day

March 22, 2020 – March 29, 2020: Spring Break

April 10, 2020: Good Friday

May 25, 2020: Memorial Day

July 3, 2020 and July 4, 2020: Independence Day

September 7, 2020: Labor Day

October 31, 2020: Halloween

November 11, 2020: Veteran’s Day

November 25, 26, and 27, 2020: Thanksgiving Break

December 20, 2020 – December 26, 2020: Christmas Break

December 31, 2020 – January 1, 2021: New Year’s Eve/Day Break

All students are expected to play the week’s music assignment twice a day until the next lesson. The students that practice regularly will love their lessons and be proud of their playing!

All students perform at a formal recital in Spring as well as a Christmas Program in December. They also are given opportunities to perform at other venues, businesses and events.


I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Music Makers..for Life, Inc., it’s owners, employees and agents of these parties from all liabilities, suits claims and/or demands of any kind or nature, legal or financial. Whether caused in any way by the negligence or not, arising from the participation in or observation of any Music Makers School activity for injuries to any person or property, whether on or off the premises. The student/participant name below does voluntarily participate in any and all Music Maker’s activities and that the student/participant and I understand that certain risks are inherent to and from participation and involvement with Music Maker’s school, activities, and performances. Music Makers School is not responsible for any lost or stolen property, at any time. I also hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the property owners of Music Makers For life from liabilities, suits, claims and/or demands of any kind of nature: legal or financial. I have read the policies, fees, and waivers of Music Makers…for Life, Inc. and agree to adhere to all of them.  In addition I give Music Makers the right to use and/or produce photographs, video, movies, and voice recordings of any student in any legal manner for the internal and external promotional and informational activites at Music Makers.  Photos and/or  video may be published on our website, in our newsletter and social media sites and/or shared with any media.  Please inform us if you do not wish to have your child photographed or videotaped in performances, classes, or other venues where media may be involved.    Music Maker’s will not publish a student’s full name unless given permission by a parent.   Music Makers is not responsible for other media outlets taking pictures or videotaping during an event. 


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