Take Lessons Online Anywhere

Music Makers…for Life is offering lessons online!

For some time now, Music Makers…for Life has been giving online lessons to allow our students and their families to feel safe. Now that we’re back to giving lessons in-person, we are still requiring our teachers to be available online to make sure that those who are uncomfortable with lessons in person are able to get the tutoring they want.

Anyone, anywhere, can now become a Music Maker…for Life and have access to our wonderful and highly qualified teaching staff. In addition, students who become part of our family, will be given performance opportunities which help them grow as a musician. Our motivational music money system is also still used for our virtual lesson. The students can purchase items or receive gift cards from the money that they have saved in their bank account from “Noteworthy Bank”.

The cost for virtual lessons is exactly $20.00 for 20 minutes (great for beginners!), or $30 for 30 minutes. We have the necessary books shipped to you. When you register, simply let us know which lessons are of interest to you, your desired time for the lessons, your time availability for the lessons, and your credit or debit card information. We will not put through any charges until a time and date has been set and you have seen and approved the invoice.

No matter where you are in the country, as long as we can schedule a lesson, we’ll make sure our teachers will be online and ready to teach Piano, Guitar, or Voice lessons. Simply call us at 815-444-9444, email us at Musicmakers4life@gmail.com, or register online at our website and let us know you want online lessons!

Our general lesson times are between 10 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday, though times vary depending on teacher availability. Please call or email us for lesson times and recommendations.