Discount Programs

Opportunities to save Money!

Save 4% off your next month of lessons: If you pay before the 12th of month previous to the month being paid, you will get 4% off your following month bill. Example: Pay for May by April 12 and get 4% off June.


Family discounts: As long as at least one student is in a group lesson:

2 students get 5% off

3 or more family members get 10% off

 5 Free Lessons! *

If you pay for an entire year, you get 5 Free lessons. We don’t include the two weeks of break (Spring Break and Christmas) so we start with the number 50 (weeks) and subtract 5 lessons for that.

Homeschooling offers

Music Makers offers a 5% discount to Homeschoolers as long as they attend class (during the school year) before 2:30 pm.

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More Offers

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