May Newsletter

August , 2016 is our
10th Year Anniversary!!!

As we come to the end of another school year, and approach our Spring recitals, I’d like to share with you a little of our history and plans for a bright future!

In honor of celebrating our 10th year, we will be rolling out special offers and celebrations as a deep thank you to all of our dedicated students and parents….throughout the coming year.

When you consider our Family Discounts, Early Bird Discounts, Year payment promotions, and now again the Summer Stay Discount (see below), as well as limited time offers, I think we have pretty competitive pricing!

Many people don’t realize what a struggle it’s been to keep our doors open all of these years….a miracle really. And some have criticized me for giving the discounts and paying our teachers “too much”. But I and my family are clearly not in this for the money. I like to give back to our community of students and parents. And I feel strongly that good teachers should be paid what they are worth. In time and with a better economy we will prosper. But I’ve always been humbled by the dedication of the parents, students, and teachers at Music Makers. So whatever it takes to keep the music going…we are dedicated to doing!

Story Telling! Every week this year we will try to add an interesting Music Maker’s story or reflection from one of our teachers. We’ve had some crazy and fun times! We’ll also be adding clips to our Facebook Page of performances going wayyyy back! I’ll be posting clips of our current older students showing before and afters of their first recitals and then their performance chops now!

Our first Celebratory Offers!

Summer Stay Special: In our early years we had offered a “summer stay” special. As long as your student was in a class and stayed through the entire summer, you would get 5% off the entire year every month. This year, we are resuming this once again!
Simply continue your group lessons through the summer (does not apply to ensembles or private lessons), and you will get 5% off every month starting in June. In order to qualify, makeups will need to be arranged for any vacations or time off (easy to do in the summer!) so full payments for the month should be made. As always, if the teacher takes time off, then you have your choice of a makeup or a credit.

Starting in June, current Music Maker’s families who have members wishing to try something in addition to what they are already taking, will pay 2006 prices for the summer (for the new lessons only). Our prices in 2006 were $20 for a group lesson and $25 for a Private Lesson. The Vocal Workshop was also at $25 per class. In September the price will revert back to current prices. But by then you will know if it is something you want to continue, as your family member will have tried it out by going back in time price-wise! Not all teachers may be available for this. It will be up to each individual teacher to decide if they can be paid at the 2006 rate. I, for one, am in!

More Ways to Save
Get 14 Free lessons per student: That’s the equivalent of 3 months. Just pay for a year of lessons by April 9, 2016. (if you can pay via check, we can give you 1 more free lesson as that saves us on credit card fees)

Pay for the year by:
April 30, 2016: Get 14 Lessons FREE
May 7, 2016: Get 13 Lessons FREE
May 14, 2016: Get 12 Lessons FREE
If interested, please send an email to me at

Family Discounts & Early Bird
As long as at least one family member is taking a group/class lesson, you are eligible for this discount:

2 lessons or students: 5% off
3 or more lessons or students: 10% off

Pay before the 12th of each previous month, and get 4% off the following month.


We have 4 big recitals at the Cosman Theater on June 5, 2016! This is our traditional recital where the kids (mostly) perform individually. You may choose which time you would like to come. We will close out the availability of each recital when they reach capacity so if you need a specific time you should get your form in early.

The times are 12:00 noon, 2:00, 4:30, and 6:30 pm. You can fill out a registration form at our front desk or by downloading from our website at

In the Works….
We are in the process of starting an Orchestra as well as a Backup Singer Choir (for our bands). Please let us know if you are interested. You will get to start at a rock-bottom price…that you will get to keep “for life” even when we raise it for others!