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Ages 7+

Mayron Cole Group Piano Method is the leading class piano method in the country!

It’s a positive approach that includes games to reinforce concepts, and this is our primary method. In addition, students learn songs and techniques from Alfred’s Basic Piano Method. 

Original methods and motivators, such as our Music Money system, and songs, developed by Theresa Villec, are also incorporated into the lessons. The objective is to provide a fun atmosphere where the kids will want to practice and learn!

The Mayron Cole Method works for class sizes up to 30 or 40 students! However, at Music Makers, the class sizes are 4 to 6 students.

Keyboards are provided during class. The student will need to bring their music and a folder to each class.

Music Makers hosts a formal recital annually in May or June; all students are invited to perform! Students may also attend our December show, where students perform in groups that take away pressures associated with a traditional recital. 

Both opportunities give your child the unique and cultivating experience of performing for an audience and their biggest fan – you!


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