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Welcome to Music Makers…For Life!

Music Maker’s For Life Homeschool Cooperative Classes

Music Makers is dedicated to providing Homeschoolers a quality musical education through our cooperative classes and more!

Music Makers…for Life, Inc. is a Music School in Crystal Lake that was founded by a Music Teacher with years of experience teaching in the public and private schools. It has 200 students and 15 teachers as of 2014. Music Makers does teach all instruments in the traditional, private methods. It also has developed and created innovative methods for teaching groups such as the group piano (using, in part, the Mayron Cole method), and group guitar as well as string ensembles.

The classes (especially the piano and guitar classes) are a wonderful way for kids to socialize while sharing in the experience of learning to read music and play an instrument. Research showing the benefits to the brain, coordination, and more is abundant and can be found at the Music Maker’s Website.

Music Makers offers a 5% discount to Homeschoolers as long as they attend class (during the school year) before 2:30 pm.   (This does not apply to the Online Schooling Space and Homeschooling Space cost.)

General Music Class: 45 Minutes, once a week. This includes singing, experience with instruments, learning about musical terms and music appreciation. The kids enjoy the experience of making music as well as learning to listen to it objectively. We follow the philosophy (from Silver Burdette, old school!) of getting the kids to: Perceive it (music), React to it, Produce it, Conceptualize it, Analyze it, Evaluate it, and Value it! They gain a great appreciation of music and a desire to learn and experience more! This is taught by teachers with music degrees and experience teaching full music classes of an average 30 children.  Currently, Music Makers will be teaching in groups of 3 – 8 per class.

Orchestra or Band: 1 Hour per week

Choir:  Well, for now, let’s call it the Choral Ensemble!  That is 3 – 8 singers singing in unison and in harmony anything from Christian Rock, to plain old Rock, to Pachelbel and Schubert!

KinderKeys: 45 Minutes, once a week.  
Ages 4 & 5

These kids are reading music by the end of the first year…and loving it!! Our KinderKeys kids have gone on to be proficient readers and play multiple instruments! In the class, we learn to read music while playing games and earning our music money. Then we sing songs, play instruments and have a blast!

Piano Class & Group Guitar:
Ages 6 and up

Our group piano students learn in a fun atmosphere. They also are reading music by the end (or before the end!) of the first year! They play games to reinforce the concepts being learned…but mostly…they play music!

Rock Band: Must be able to play an instrument
We take our bands to perform all over McHenry County!
Students must already have ability.  A group is formed and practice is once a week for one hour.
Please browse our website to see other classes offered….and we’re open to suggestions!
We offer private lessons as well: Violin, Viola, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice
For more information, please call 815-444-9444.