Ages: 2nd grade and older
Group Size: 2 – 8

Some methods focus on merely teaching chords and strums. Others take a more classical approach and focus on learning to read the notes.

Our classes teach chords and note reading simultaneously. The students learn the notes of the treble cleff and can play the melody of a number of songs within a month. Full chords are taught from the beginning.

The students need to bring their own guitar. It can be accoustic or electric. If they bring an electric they may bring a small amp.

The student should have their book (purchased from our store…at cost),
a tuner, a pick, and a folder.

Students may be required to purchase supplemental music throughout the year. This is kept at a minimum and done only when necessary. Music required for the class is sold at cost.

Students may be asked to perform in May at the Student Recital held annually at Prince Of Peace Church in Crystal Lake, Illinois.
We also perform at Christmas in group performances.

Private Guitar Lessons are Available

We have openings in these Guitar classes! Look below to find a class that’s right for you, or call us to start a new class at 1-815-444-9444!

Group Guitar Lessons

NEED TO BUY A GUITAR? Here are some tips…

Be sure to get the proper “fit”. The student (especially children) needs to “try it on”. Make certain their right arm can comfortably go over the guitar.

Be sure that their left hand can comfortably fit around the neck. Their fingers should be able to touch their thumb.

Do not get a guitar that has the strings too far away from the board.

A child’s first guitar does not have to be expensive (you’ll need to buy a couple more as they outgrow them). But try not to get the cheapest either, as they (and you) will want to hear a good sound after they’ve put in the hard work!