Kinderkeys is a piano/keyboard class for pre-schoolers.
Ages: Pre-School ages 4 – 5

Our KinderKeys classes are exciting and fun. The students that have great attendance and that practice are playing Christmas songs in time for Christmas (reading the letter names and note durations) and within a couple months after start to truly read the notes on the staff. By Christmas many will be playing Christmas Songs through beginning note reading skills. By the end of the school year they will be reading the notes on the staff and most will be able to play Beethoven and more!

Keyboard Classes for Preschoolers

KinderKeys News
The majority of last years fall KinderKeys students enthusiastically played a classical piece in our recital this last June! They continue to learn in the 2nd series of books in either private or group lessons. Students that started our Kinderkeys program 2 – 5 years ago fluently read all the notes in both staffs and are in advanced levels. They’ve also acquired the confidence and ability to play in front of an audience both in an ensemble setting, as well as solo performances.
The best part: They’ve had a lot of fun along the way and LOVE coming to their lessons!

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