Vocal Workshop

Voice Lessons

This class is open to students ages 6 and up.
This is an 8 week session with no more than 4 – 5 students in each class. This gives them the chance for semi-private voice lessons. They sing with a microphone and learn vocal techniques, breathing techniques, and repertoire. Each child chooses a song and is given the accompaniment and music to take home for practice. Each week the children sing their song in front of the other students using the microphone. They receive instruction on what they are doing “right” and what they can do to improve both the sound of their song as well as stage presence.

The last three weeks are spent making a CD recording of your child singing that song. The children learn about the nuances of performing as well as the difficulties and successes involved in making a recording. While the end goal of the course is to complete a recording The CD has a colorful label designed just for the singer, and the case contains their picture. The CD is not the main purpose of the course. The main purpose is to improve vocal singing technique and tone. This does not happen for most people in 8 week or even a year of lessons, although the student should exhibit improvement in that time (depending on their current ability). The total cost for the 8 week session is $250.00. Compare that with private half hour lessons at $30 per lesson…your child gets twice the time, with kids their own age, and a keepsake recording too!

We have openings for these Vocal Workshops! We currently have a class on Wednesdays at 11:00 am in Crystal Lake. You can also call us to start a new class at 1-815-444-9444!

Please note: We now have VOCAL WORKSHOPS available in Palatine! Our new location in Palatine actually has a complete sound recording studio. Because the recordings will be done at a professional recording studio, the cost is a bit more: $350 for 8 weeks.