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Our Story, Our Vision

Music Makers…for Life, Inc. is a music school in Crystal Lake owned and founded by Theresa Villec. A music teacher with 20+ years of experience teaching in public and private schools, Mrs. Villec opened Music Makers in 2006. Music Makers currently provides lessons for over 100 students from 7 teachers and 2 locations as of 2022. 

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At Music Makers For Life

Students love their music lessons because they’re fun!

Our methods prove to create musicians who can read and play music well.
Join our students and alumni in becoming music makers for life!

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Learn the Secret to Making Music for Life

Our vision is that every student learns to play music and to read music, too. This is how they become music makers — for life!

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Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything, music takes practice — You’ll love playing in your free time the more you love your lessons!

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Motivation to Make Music


When students achieve their music-making goals, they earn music “dollars” and shop at our Prizes Store! Earn more Music Money by playing group games, answering questions correctly, or demonstrating musical excellence.


Music Makers hosts a pre-recital party twice a year where students showcase their pieces to peers (and earn extra Music Money!). Party-goers play informative music games, pursue music-themed prizes, and support their fellow music makers!


There is a formal recital in the spring and a group recital in the winter.
Our cheery group recital lets students experience ensemble playing and celebrate the season together!
Friends and family are always invited to attend.



“Our belief, based on years of research and experience, is that learning music improves reading and math ability, physical coordination, eye functions, and more. It improves cognizance, logical thinking, organization, and memory. When taught correctly, it bolsters self-esteem. It’s our vision to help students learn in a group to improve their social skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to work as a team. The benefits of learning to play an instrument are enormous, and the good news is, you can achieve it starting at any age or ability.”

Theresa Villec
Music Makers…for Life, Inc.

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