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Take Virtual Music Lessons From Your Home, School, or Anywhere

Music Makers for Life offers virtual lessons to students both in or far from McHenry County, making music lessons accessible to you!

Music Makers offers virtual learning because it allows our students and their families to feel safe. Although in-person lessons have resumed at our Crystal Lake and Palatine locations, our teachers are happy to allow online learning into their schedules.

Now anyone, anywhere can become a Music Maker for Life and access our talented, dedicated, and certified teachers for their tailored musical learning experience. In addition, students who become part of our family are welcome to attend performance opportunities, such as our recitals, group performances, and community outings, that help them grow as a musician. 

When students join virtual learning at Music Makers for Life, they won’t miss out on anything. Our standard methods, lesson plans, and attitude towards learning are still implemented during virtual lessons.

Our motivational Music Money system rewards students “music dollars” when they’ve played well, practiced sufficiently, or shown exemplary playing during their lesson, and Music Money is still used for virtual learning. Students can still “purchase” items from our music store with money in their “Noteworthy Bank.”

The cost of virtual lessons is $20.00 for 20 minutes (great for beginners!) or $30 for 30 minutes. The necessary books will be shipped to you. 

General lesson times are varied and run between 10 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday, but times depend greatly on teacher availability. Please call or email us for lesson times and recommendations.

Music Makers for Life uses Google Meet to connect with students for virtual learning. This does not require that you have a Google email or account, but you will need internet and access to Google Meet through an app or a browser.

We’re online and ready to teach piano, guitar, or voice lessons no matter your location! Simply call 815-444-9444, email, or register on our website!

Music Makers for Life Virtual Lessons