Student Teacher Program

Student-Teacher Program

Ideal for parents unsure of whether their children are serious about their chosen instrument, this program offers the benefits of Music Maker’s structure and commitment at ⅓ the cost!

Under the guidance of their own teachers, our student-teachers can teach beginning students up to an intermediate level….generally 2 or 3 years at least.     Our student teachers have mastered their instrument and are in the process of preparing to enter the professional arena in regard to their playing.   They have already performed for a number of years at venues associated with Music Makers as well as through their own efforts.

Your child gets to be involved in all of the recitals and other activities we have that benefit the kids in their growth as a musician.  At any time they can change over to any of the adult teachers available.

We often forget that kids relate a great deal to young adults which is an added benefit (our student teachers have the “cool” factor going for them!)

Right now, we have student teachers for Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Voice, and Piano!

Please call to speak with Mrs. Villec if you are interested in the program:  815-444-9444

Rates can be as low as $20.00 for a half hour lesson (versus $30 with the head teacher).

Group rates can be as low as $15.00 for 45 minutes (versus $22 with the head teacher).

Those paying the student rate aren’t eligible for any other discounts.