Study Spaces

Online Schooling Space
Many schools across the country are switching to online lessons to protect themselves and children from Covid-19, we recognize that this can put a huge strain on parents, many of whom work during hours that their young kids might be attending classes.
So Music Makers…for Life, Inc. is offering our studio space during the time before our typical music lessons begin. So time and space is available between 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. This way students have a place to receive their online instruction, guided by our high-school and college level student tutors if desired.
Parents will be able to drop off their kids at Music Makers for up to three hours, during which time children will be able to study in our constantly cleaned and safe environment. Kids will be able to socialize (at a safe distance!), ask questions of our tutors, and, most importantly, get out of the house and reclaim a small sense of normalcy this fall. We will have games so kids can take a mental break as well as a snack break when needed.
For the safety of your children, kids will be required to provide and bring their own devices to log into their online classes, though we will provide them with sitting areas, paper, pencils, and any other basic school equipment. We will keep the number of people to 10 at a maximum, including the staff. As we do with our regularly scheduled lessons, temperatures will be taken upon entry and masks are required.
Our rates for our online schooling space are $15 per hour spent. We are always looking to be accommodating, so contact us if you have any concerns or special needs.
Please call the front desk at 815-444-9444, or email us at
Homeschooling Space
In addition to opening our space up to accept and help kids take online lessons, we are aware that there are more kids switching to homeschool lessons, and we are offering our daytime space to Homeschool  groups as well.  They can provide their own instruction while also taking advantage of the extra tutor who will be there to help out if needed.  
For homeschool groups, we require a group teacher to be present during the time the space has been rented out, to ensure that the kids will be using this time to learn effectively. We will ensure that your homeschool group is kept private.
If you have any questions about details and specifics, feel free to contact us so we can make sure that your homeschool group feels safe.